Where Others Fail

  • Example One: Global Source, Local Manufacturing

    There is a reason why over 70% of Autocam’s top ten customers are serviced from multiple continents. They have recognized the benefit of working with a supplier that has an established global footprint. Each customer and product is different and each can benefit knowing they have all the options for;

    • Currency Fluctuations
    • Local Support
    • Local Manufacturing
    • Technology And Skill Transfers Between Continents
    • Logistics
    • Speed-To-Market
    • Multiple Regional Teams Working On Your Projects
    • Government Regulation

    With strategic locations around the globe, we can bring a solution right to your doorstep.

  • Example Two: Global Pricing

    Right from the start, one of the first items Autocam reviews is the best location for production. When quoting a new project, it is to the customer’s advantage to have the option of being quoted out of four different continents. This helps customers start their launch with the most cost effective solution every time.

    As a project continues, Autocam constantly reviews the best locations to help our customers remain competitive. The bottom line? Autocam customers can count on superior quality at a competitive price, wherever they are located.

  • Example Three: Technology Transfer

    In today’s market place many OEMs manufacture in the region for the region. Autocam’s geography helps complement that strategy by offering Tier Ones the ability to transfer technologies as they become more apparent in different markets.

    Whether it is electric power steering moving to North America, or gasoline direct injection moving to Asia, Autocam has the established know-how to make any transition as seamless as something that doesn’t move at all

  • Example Four: Financial Stability

    After experiencing the economic instability of the past, we all know how important it is to partner with someone who is secure. Long-term business leaders understand the importance of ensuring their partners will be around for a very long time.

    Autocam has established a conservative capital structure which provides us with the ability to purchase equipment for new customer programs, fund growth working capital, and also provides protection against adverse economic and industry conditions. Autocam’s leverage ratio (debt / EBITDA) is significantly below 1:1, and Autocam has committed, untapped credit facilities with its bank that provide, along with cash on hand, substantial liquidity.

  • Example Five: Product Development

    There is more to manufacturing than just building a part to print. Whether you are launching a new product or equipping your product for tomorrow’s demands, Autocam brings a wealth of knowledge to the process. With seasoned subject experts in each field, Autocam’s experience helps you explore all the technical solutions available.

    Autocam has a rich history of experience with equipment, materials, processes and global business cases. Combined with tight partnerships with top Tier 1 customers, we are able to build on that foundation of understanding and be on the leading edge of tomorrow’s future.