The gap between top of the line machines and quality results is significant. Great people, process and a culture prepared to deal with the unexpected must fill that gap to create a successful outcome. Autocam’s veteran team has the process development skills and problem-solving methodologies to ensure that the delivery of complex, ultra-high precision parts will occur each time…for every customer.

This approach to quality is built into the entire process – from concept and lead-time to final production. This approach ensures the best possible outcome for customers who need a complex solution in a short timeframe by reducing the time in between testing and validation.

With today’s state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, many companies can produce a high-precision part. But Autocam is on a very short list of companies that can deliver complexity, ultra-high precision and high volumes each and every time. Simply owning good machines to create one part isn’t enough. Autocam has invested millions to develop the skill and experience required to provide the highest quality and precision to ensure that your final part is just as flawless as your first.

A few of Autocam’s demonstrable approaches to quality include:

  • Autocam facilities are ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 registered.
  • Autocam establishes objective targets and tracks key metrics for those targets in the areas of Culture, Customer, & Cost. Regular review and actions are taken to achieve the objectives.
  • Intracam intranet used to communicate and share information company-wide including on-line:
    • Standards and procedures
    • Process operating documentation system with
  • Engineering Change control
    • Real-time SPC
    • Quality and manufacturing reporting
    • On-line problem reporting system for corrective actions using 8D and 5 why problem solving approaches
    • Email for all employees
  • Metallurgist and Chemist on staff.
  • Autocam’s culture is based upon continuous improvement and utilizes Area Improvement Teams (AIT) involving all employees to continually focus on improving Culture, Customer, & Cost.
  • In-house tool making expertise allows for Autocam to make precision and proprietary designed tools

Below is a summary of Autocam’s precision measurement, analysis and cleaning instruments.

  • Vision/CMM Measurement
    • OGP Vision Systems
    • OGP Multi-Sensor (Vision/Probe CMM)
    • Mitutoyo Vision/Probe CMM
  • Surface Geometry
    • Surface Profile
    • Taylor Hobson – Form Talysurf
    • Zygo – Non-Contact Measurement
    • Contour
    • Mahr Federal – Mahr Surf
    • Roundness
    • Taylor Hobson – Talyrond
    • Hommel
  • Gear Measurement
    • Klingenberg
    • Zeiss CMM
    • Hommel
  • Material Analysis
    • Spectrometer
    • Leco GDS
    • Hardness
    • United Hardness
    • Leco Micro Hardness
    • Microscope
    • Metallography Equipment
    • Wolpert
  • Chemical & Cleanliness Testing
    • Chemical Titration Equipment
    • Automated Particle Counting