The right tool for the right job. Every craftsman knows that even on his best day, the results are only as good as the tools at their disposal. In order to ensure customers with the best results every day, Autocam has invested millions to give its team the tools and machines to create solutions that simply do not exist, and invent new ways to produce ultra-high precision results for customers under the most difficult circumstances.

With this in-house capability, Autocam’s team can quickly develop and test possible solutions to complex problems, and continue that process until the intended outcome has been achieved. The result: shorter lead times, precision quality results and reduced overall project costs for each Autocam customer.

Each facility benefits from Autocam’s dedicated team of Tooling Engineers and Toolmakers. With access to a culture of problem solving, and the best manufacturing tools available, Autocam can deliver results for customers that simply cannot be reproduced at other companies.

  • Dedicated tooling engineers and toolmakers average tooling experience is over 21 years per employee
  • Numerous patented designs
  • Ability to test tools the same day great reduces turnaround time vs. standard process
  • Allows for in-house support of continuous improvement ideas to prove out quality, cycle time, cost ideas
  • Global tooling expertise, support, and manufacturing for Autocam worldwide