Electric Motors

As electric motors proliferate in the modern car, manufacturers have advanced their designs to exceed basic functionality. Manufacturers that are looking to provide their customers advancements in noise control, vibration, weight reduction, and reliability can benefit from our long history of experience in this area.

Between 2000 and 2006 Autocam made two strategic acquisitions to ensure we were on the leading edge of this market segment. Having acquired two industry leaders between Europe and North America, we leveraged that knowledge and capability to Brazil and China. Many of our customers have benefitted from being able to move with their global production strategies.

By combining the know-how of three different companies, Autocam’s customers have had the advantage to count on those who perfected the processes behind many of our precision parts like;

  • Worm Shafts (Or Armature Shaft)
  • Worms
  • Gears (With Or Without Plastic Molding)
  • Gear Sub-Assemblies
  • Gear-Boxes

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