Steering Systems

Steering technology has dramatically evolved over the last decade, and is one of the primary areas in the automobile where ultra-high precision components are increasingly necessary. Autocam’s experience with both systems, whether you are looking at a tried-and-tested hydraulic design or the advanced options of electric power steering, solidifies our position as a key player in this dynamic market. In every case, Autocam helps its customers achieve their targets: performance, reliability, fuel economy, and cost.

Those results are driven from experience with existing technologies, and a constant push to provide solutions for emerging systems. Understanding the entire evolution of steering technology lets Autocam apply foundation principles to new ideas, and real-world practicality to alternative thinking. That experience is on the road today, in some of the largest light-vehicle platforms in the world.

Autocam’s experience also extends off-road for commercial and recreational industries, helping OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers across the board meet the evolving needs for specialty applications.

Whether it is steering wormshafts, gear pinions, torsion bars and input shafts, Autocam can demonstrate and produce the world’s finest ultra-high precision manufacture anywhere around the globe.

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