Values & Culture

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the worldwide leader in the manufacture of precision components for customers with whom we develop long-term business relationships.  Our mission will only be met by focusing on continually improving our process, thereby improving our products and services to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Values and Culture

We will all strive to meet our mission while keeping certain values and principles in mind.  These values and principles will help us achieve our mission.

  • Worldwide leadership will be achieved by providing the highest-quality products and services. We improve these by continually reducing variation in all of our organization’s processes.
  • The safety and well-being of our workforce is a focus of our everyday work life.  We are committed to training and educating all employees to ensure everyone is provided a safe and healthy work environment.
  • We believe results from continuous improvement are best achieved in a context of meaningful employment.  Our employees will be treated equitably and continually provided with opportunities for personal growth.  Our success will come through the efforts of all employees working together.  Every employee will participate as an equal contributor to this team, and all team members will treat each other with trust and respect.
  • We will strive to conserve, reuse, and recycle all materials with the objective of having zero impact on the environment.  We accomplish this through pollution prevention, compliance with environmental regulations, and continuous improvement.
  • Our customers and suppliers will be partners in our process.
  • Employees, suppliers, and customers will all share in the benefits derived from continuous improvement.