Autocam was going Green before Green was a hot topic. For over 25 years, the company’s mission has declared, “We will strive to conserve, reuse, and recycle all materials with the objective of having zero impact on the environment.”  Since its beginning, Autocam has consistently met or exceeded all DEQ regulations and continues to identify new opportunities for environmental stewardship.

Autocam’s Kentwood facilities obtained the ISO14001 certification, which requires further reduction of the company’s global environmental impact:

  • Installing energy-efficient lighting in office spaces, meeting rooms, and manufacturing areas
  • Installing computerized energy-efficient compressed-air controls
  • Recycling all cutting oils and utilizing a mobile service that cleans, recycles, and replenishes depleted additives back into the oil
  • Recycling all chips generated from machining parts and extracting the oil from these chips to be recycled
  • Boiling off wastewater generated (mop water, washer water, and process water)
  • Recycling all batteries, cardboard, plastic bags, stretch wrap, office paper, and mineral spirits used for cleaning parts

These efforts, among others, reflect Autocam’s commitment to a healthier, greener world for its employees, customers, end-users and neighbors around the globe.